What is Follower-Tracker.com and what can it do for me?

Follower-Tracker.com is a web site that allows you to track and analyze the statistics of your Instagram profile. Our goal is to make Follower-Tracker.com the reference site for monitoring, analyzing and studying your online presence.

Do I have to provide the logins of my Instagram account in order to see the statistics?

Absolutely not! We don’t need them nor will we ever ask you for them.

Is registration mandatory?

Registration is not absolutely necessary or mandatory but by registering you’ll have faster access to your profiles. Also you’ll be sure that the statistics of your favorites are automatically updated daily by the system. By registering you’ll have access to a control panel from where you can easily keep all of your profiles and their follower statists. This way you won’t have to remember them and all you need to do is log in to your account on Follower-Tracker.com

How many Instagram profiles can I see?

Everyone you want! There is no limit to the number of profiles you can analyze statistics for.

Which Instagram profiles can I see statistics from?

Thanks to Follower-Tracker.com you can access the statistics of any Instagram profile, as long as it’s not private.
Just enter the username of the account you want to see in the search field to see or create their profile statistics.

How do I add a profile to favorites?

To add a profile to your favorites, you must first be registered. Once registered, visiting the report of any profile you will see (next to its name) a heart-shaped icon. Click on the icon to add that profile to your favorites! Now you can access the list of your favorites from the top menu. Click on your name, and the menu will expand; the second item “Favorites” will take you to the page where you will find the complete list of your favorite profiles.

Can I get historical data for my Instagram analysis?

We start collecting your data from the moment you add one of your profiles to Follower-Tracker.com. All the data collected will be completely accurate, as these are extracted directly from your Instagram profile. Instagram does not allow any API call to its data, so it is not possible to know any data for your profile until you enter it on Follower-Tracker.com

How often are statistics updated?

If you are a registered user, just add profiles to your favorites and our system will update their statistics every day. If you are not a registered user, the update of the statistics for the profiles tracked by Follower-Tracker.com is carried out only when the profile itself is recalled by a user. Keep in mind that our system will not update statistics if the last update was made within the 24 hour time frame. If you visit the report for a particular profile again before 24 hours have elapsed, the statistics will not be updated anyway.

Do you want your profile statistics to be always up to date?

You will need to come back every day or register.

After creating a new profile report, future projection data is not yet available. Why?

We need the complete data for at least 5 days to calculate a growth forecast. After this short period (fundamental to understand the progress of your statistics), we will be able to calculate the growth forecasts for your profile.

How is the Engagement value of my Instagram profile calculated?

Engagement is the numerical value based on the relationship between the number of followers and the interactions on the photos/videos (i.e. “posts”). We calculate this data from the average of the last 10 published posts.

How many days are shown on the graph by statistics?

When you access the profile report page, we will basically show you the last 30 days but you can use the convenient “Date Range” function to indicate how many days to see in the report.

We at Follower-Tracker.com firmly believe that only by providing brands with a complete overview of the historical data of an account, it is possible to understand what they are doing and if it is suitable for your marketing campaign. It helps us to help you.