20+ Instagram Follower Tracker Tools

20+ Instagram Follower Tracker Tools

As Instagram continues to be one of the most popular social media sites, Instagram follower tracker tools also play a big role in the social media scene. But with tons of tracker tools available, which one should you choose?

You don’t need to be overwhelmed by all of the follower trackers out there because we’re here to help! We’ve put together a guide with what you should know about Instagram follower trackers, as well as a list of 25 options to choose from. And which one is the best Instagram follower tracker app? So let’s get started with our guide to all things in the world of Instagram follower trackers!

What’s An Instagram Follower Tracker Tool?

First, let’s start off with the basics – what even is a follower tracker? Let’s take a look at some popular aspects of these tools and why you should look into getting one.

Common Instagram Follower Tracker Tools Features

One of the most common features that you’ll find on an Instagram follower tracker is tracking who has unfollowed you and which users don’t follow you back. This is handy if you like to keep things even of who you follow versus who follows you back, or just know who your mutual followers are.

Speaking of mutual, a follower tracker can often help you to find mutual friends. These tools allow you to find users who share the same followers with you, or who follow accounts that you typically interact with. It’s great for networking, expanding your account, and generally making connections.

You can also keep an eye on the activities in your account by knowing which followers have never liked or commented on your posts. These users are commonly referred to as “ghost followers,” and they lower your engagement rate by following your account but never interacting with your content. It can be helpful to keep an eye on how many ghost followers you have.

To better increase followers on Instagram, you can use follower trackers to see who always likes or comments on your friends’ posts. This can identify the types of users that you’d like to be involved with your account aside from developing your target audience.

By focusing more on your own account, an Instagram follower tracker can show your top-liked content. If you know what kind of content is most popular among your followers (or which is the least popular), then you can use such information to influence what content you post more (or less) to optimize your engagement rates. Figuring out the best type of content is a process of trial and error, but these tools can play a helpful role in that process.

In addition, many follower trackers can show which of your posts have the most comments. This information is similarly helpful in identifying what content gets the most engagement from your users. So, if you’re looking to run a contest or garner a high amount of likes on a post for any reason, having an Instagram follower tracker could majorly help you out.

Finally, Instagram follower trackers can also show you the users who are often tagged in your posts. Knowing which users are having their attention drawn to your account can be a helpful asset in developing your target audience and optimizing the content that you publish.

Top Benefits of Instagram Follower Tracker Tools Features

An Instagram follower tracker allows you to learn about your followers. With the features listed above, you can identify your most active followers, the type of content that your followers are most likely to engage with, and other accounts that your followers are engaging with. All of this information can be gathered and analyzed to help you publish content that’ll lead more organic Instagram followers.

In addition, you can use follower trackers to determine who’s engaging most and least with your content. Knowing this information, especially in combination with information on other accounts that your followers are engaged with, will help you to fine-tune your target audience and adjust your content to appeal to them. Seeing who’s most and least active on your account lets you know what type of users make up the active community on your page. With this information, you can tailor your account to attract more users in your niche.

Another benefit of such a tool is it can identify fake Instagram followers. If a user follows your account but never interacts with any of your content by liking or commenting on your posts, then it’s possible that the account is managed by a bot and not a real person, which is pretty easy to tell by taking a look at the account. Once you identify fake accounts that follow your page, it’s a smart idea to remove these followers from your account to avoid lowering your engagement rates.

Finally, a follower tracker identifies users who unfollowed you. Some users like to keep an eye on mutual following. Others simply want to know which users have unfollowed their accounts. With a tracker tool, you can keep track on the accounts that used to follow you but no longer do. Such information can also help find out which accounts are more interested in your content than others.

20+ Instagram Follower Tracker Tools

Now that we’ve covered the common features and benefits of these tools, let’s take a look at some of the options that are out there for Instagram follower trackers.

1. Followers: For Instagram

Followers: For Instagram app is compatible with iPhones, and offers a wide variety of features to users, which include information on:

  • New Instagram followers
  • Accounts that unfollowed you
  • Accounts that don’t follow you back
  • Accounts that you don’t follow back
  • Users who are interested in your account
  • The ability to follow and unfollow users through the app
  • Other information on multiple accounts

This app is free with in-app purchases, which take the form of various subscription plans that give you full access to all of the information gathered about your account. There are weekly, monthly, and yearly plans available, as well as a six-month plan and a lifetime plan.

2. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a multi-faceted app that’s available for both iPhone and iPad users. This app functions as a social media management tool, but it also serves the purpose of an Instagram follower tracker. Here are some of the follower tracker features offered:

  • Identify accounts that you don’t follow back
  • Identify accounts that don’t follow you back
  • Track recent followers and recent unfollowers
  • Keep an eye on the most and least active accounts that follow you (and filter to see this information within a given time frame)
  • Unfollow directly from Crowdfire
  • Find followers of other accounts
  • Search accounts by keyword

Crowdfire is a free app that offers premium plans available for purchase with one-month or 12-month plans. With a premium account, you can link two social media accounts to Crowdfire, as well as gain access to various extra social media management tools offered by the app.

3. Hootsuite

  • Collect, analyze, and report analytics of activity on posts across social media sites
  • Provide insight on the best times to post on your account
  • Track top-performing employees who run your social media accounts
  • Monitor mentions, comments, and tags on Instagram within the Hootsuite app
  • Track likes, mentions, and conversations on topics related to your account

4. Follower Insight For Instagram 

This Instagram follower app is available on the Google Play Store, and it offers a wide variety of services to users, such as the following:

  • Identify users who have followed and unfollowed you
  • View who has and has not followed you back
  • Track analytics on posts and stories
  • Identify which posts have the most and least likes
  • Track viewers of stories even after the stories are no longer posted
  • List the hashtags included on your most popular posts
  • Find users who have viewed your profile, posts, and stories without interacting with them or following you

5. Follower Analyzer

This free app is available for download on iOS products, and it offers a simple and easy variety of tools to help you track and analyze your followers. Check out these features:

  • Track new followers and unfollowers
  • Identify users that don’t follow you back
  • See the accounts that you don’t follow back

6. Followers Tool For Instagram

The Followers Tool for Instagram app is available for free on the Google Play Store, and it offers a unique take on a follower analyzer app by including social media management features. Here’s what you can do using the app:

  • Manage multiple accounts at once
  • Set a secure password
  • Publish and schedule content through Followers Tool for Instagram
  • Repost things you see from other accounts
  • Publish comments and send direct messages
  • Track your followers
  • Follow and unfollow users directly through the app

7. SpamGuard App

SpamGuard has unique features compared to other tools. When you sign up, the tool will scan and “clean out” your Instagram account, as well as protect it for the future use. Here’s what it can do:

  • Clear out bots, inactive accounts, and fake followers from your account
  • Increase the reach and engagement of your profile
  • Improve the chances that your post will be recommended to users on Instagram
  • Provide an analysis of your Instagram audience
  • Protect you against spam attacks and emails
  • Customize security settings
  • Help abide by Instagram guidelines
  • Provide long-term protection to your account

All of these features are available for purchase, and the price varies with each individual account.

8. Task Ant

Task Ant is a follower tracker and social media management tool that specializes in hashtagging. It is available for online purchase, and it provides a wide variety of features to users. The following features are available on all plans:

  • Hashtag search, specialized hashtags, hashtag analytics
  • Content calendar and post scheduler
  • Analytics to track the most effective practices on your Instagram account and why they’re effective

9. IG Reports – Tracker Insight

The IG Reports – Tracker Insight app is available for iPhone users only and, as its name suggests, it provides comprehensive insights into users’ Instagram accounts. While the app is free, there are various subscriptions available to users on a weekly, monthly, yearly, or lifetime basis. Here’s what a subscription will get you:

  • Insight to post activity – which posts are successful, and which one’s aren’t?
  • Information on followers
  • Tracking of activity on your account
  • Reports of growth trends on your account

10. FollowMeter For Instagram

The FollowMeter for Instagram app is available for free on the iOS app store and the Google Play store. Some features are offered for free, and others are available to users who purchase a monthly, yearly, or six-month subscription plan. Here are the features available to users of this Instagram follower tracker:

  • See users who viewed your story but do not follow you
  • See who unfollowed you
  • Identify ghost followers
  • Track followers who do not follow you back
  • See who views your stories the most
  • Find the followers who like your content the most
  • See who has blocked your content
  • Identify your posts with the highest engagement
  • Track post engagement overall

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