Follower Tracker

Check anyone’s activity on Instagram
See what they like and who they follow

Discover your favorite people’s iterests

Want to know more about someone’s interests and hobbies? Need to buy the perfect gift? Just check the photos he or she has been liking on Instagram to get valuable insights!

Keep your jealousy at bay

Have some personal concerns or trust issues? You don’t have to stalk or peep your significant other’s device. Track the Instagram users your boyfriend or girlfriend follows and see whose photos they like with the help of our Instagram tracker.

Feel closer to your favorite celebrity

Check out what celebrities or public figures like on Instagram. Get insights about their lifestyle and relationships, and even see what time they are active on Instagram. You will be able to tell if someone is active on Instagram after just one week of tracking them.

Keep an eye on your kids’ interests

Protect your kids by tracking their likes and follows on Instagram. Make sure they’re not engaging with content that’s potentially harmful. They’ll never know you’re closely monitoring kids’ activity in Instagram.

Business oriented | Our APIs guarantee 100% of the required reports

Follower Tracker has a proprietary API system optimized to analyze Instagram profiles, which allows to obtain 100% success for each request and the guarantee of being able to show to premium users data always updated every 24 hours.

Result of many hours of work by expert programmers, this makes Follower Tracker an absolutely reliable partner for those who develop business on Instagram and for agencies that follow customers or competitors Instagram profiles, as we are confident that we can offer certainty of regular analysis.


Analyze the growth of each profile, day by day, thanks to our statistics.


Forecasts calculated on the current average growth of profile statistics.


Want to know which tags and hashtags to use? You can check them here.


Generated reports are always available in PDF format.


Compare your statistics with those of your competitors to see who wins.


Export daily data to a CSV file for quick analysis in your Excels sheet.